Four cube Kybos cabinet

Kybos maple, cherry, iron-stained walnut, glass, LEDs

Four cube Kybos cabinet

Kybos iron-stained walnut 70"h x 16"w x 12"d

Two cube Kybos cabinet

Kybos bleached oak, glass, LEDs 29"h x 16"w x 12"d

7 cube horizontal Kybos cabinet

Kybos cherry, iron-stained walnut, glass, LEDs

The Kybos cabinets (from Greek kybos, meaning cube or vertebra) began, in 1995, as a large-scale interpretation of stacked blocks, often with book-matched solid wood door panels. At first the Kybos were built with the doors in a single plane, but over the years they have developed into an increasingly involved exploration of angles. While each piece has a front, and many are designed to hang on the wall, the individual compartments are angled such that most doors are not parallel to the wall. I have cut thousands of half blind dovetails for Kybos joinery. Each Kybos piece is distinct, with different orientations, wood combinations, angles, and number of compartments. In cabinets used for display purposes, I incorporate glass panels, interior mirrors, and LED lighting to best showcase the cabinets' contents.